Best Practices: Unit Testing

You know you should, but that doesn't make it enjoyable. See some simple techniques and patterns to ease your burden. You know your code rocks, so prove it.


Best Practices: Componentization

Are you the sorcerer or the sorcerer's apprentice? Who's in charge, you or the brooms? Read about why you may want to hold off on pressing the new project button.


Best Practices: Code Locality

Do you worry about how much time you spend sitting in traffic? Are you impatient while your computer boots? How about the number of extra hours your spend scrolling or searching to find code? Code locality is like having an open road or the latest SSD drive.


Best Practices: Dependency Injection

Modern dependency injection containers are fast, powerful, and easy to use. See how to get started leveraging dependency injection in your projects.


Best Practices: Code Comments

Lack of good code comments is the reason the guy that inherits your code is going to throw it out and start over. See ways to avoid having your wheel re-invented.


Older Blog Posts

As I've just converted over to using markdown on this site. You can read my older blog posts.


Agenda is a Windows application that helps people set and follow a meeting agenda. Agenda is different from the usual countdown clocs. You just set a start time and type few agenda items and durations and it does the rest. No hassle starting and stoping the clock.

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KeepSiteAlive is a super small Windows NT service that can ping a set of URLs on different intervals. It can be used to keep web sites alive or keep pages in cache.

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BellaCode.Mvvm is a .NET class library for WPF applications that makes following the Model-View-ViewModel (M-V-VM) pattern trivial. M-V-VM is a design pattern built to separate the user interface, application logic, and data model layers in an application. BellaCode.Mvvm also contains a great set of behaviors, actions, and value converters.




Photiso is a Windows application that organizes photo files on your hard drive. It puts your photos into year and month photos, names your photos by date taken, and sorts out duplicate photos. I spent a lot of time making sure that Photiso works correctly and never deletes a file because I run it regularly on my own photo collection.

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ScrumPig v3

ScrumPig is a Windows application that helps small, co-located teams easily follow the Scrum process. It replaces the mess of 3x5 cards with a very lightweight and efficient UI. It lets you build and prioritize a backlog, schedule and plan a sprint, and see both your daily stand up status and burn down graph.

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